Eastern Orthodox Theology: a Personal Introduction

This series of eight lectures Revd. Prof. Andrew Louth form an introduction to Eastern Orthodox Theology.
You can download as PFD the texts of the previous lectures:
1. Thinking and doing, being and praying: where do we start?: OrthodoxTheology1.pdf
2. Who is God? The doctrine of the Holy Trinity; apophatic theology: OrthodoxTheology2.pdf
3. The doctrine of creation: OrthodoxTheology3.pdf
4. What went wrong? Sin and death: OrthodoxTheology4.pdf
5. Who is Christ? The life of Christ; the Paschal mystery; the doctrine of Christology: OrthodoxTheology5.pdf
6. Being Human - Being in the image of God Becoming God: OrthodoxTheology6.pdf
7. Sacraments and Icons - the place of matter in the divine economy: OrthodoxTheologyPersonalIntroductionLouth7.pdf
8. Time and the Liturgy: OrthodoxTheologyPersonalIntroductionLouth8.pdf
A revised version of these lectures is due to be published as a book by SPCK, London, in June 2013, with the title: Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology.