The Ways of Modern Orthodox Theology

In this two-year series Fr Andrew Louth has treated modern Orthodox theologians. The lectures were given in Amsterdam on a monthly basis.
Here is an overview of the lectures in this course:
First year: 2012-13
1. The Philokalia and its influence (Optino, Dostoevsky, etc.): 27 September (handout)
2. Vladimir Solov’ev and Sophia: 25 October (handout)
3. Fr Pavel Florensky and the nature of reason: 22 November (handout)
4. Fr Sergii Bulgakov and the nature of theology: 20 December (handout)
5. Nicolai Berdyaev and the notion of the person: 17 January 2013  (Handout)
6. Fr George Florovsky and the Neo-Patristic synthesis: 21 February (Handout)
7. Apophatic Theology and Deification: Lossky and Lot-Borodine: 14 March (Handout)
8. St Maria Skobtsova: 25 April (Handout)
9. Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: I. Fr Dumitru Stăniloae: 23 May (Handout)
10. Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: II. St Justin Popovich: 20 June (Handout)
Second year: 2013-14
11. Paul Evdokimov and the Love and Beauty of God: 19 September (Handout)
12. Neo-Palamism: Fr John Meyendorff, and the Greek School (Christou, Nellas, Mantzarides): 17 October (Handout)
13. Liturgical Theology: Fr Alexander Schmemann, Fr Vassilios, Ioannis Fontoulis: 21 November (Handout)
14. Theology of Patristic Renewal: Fr John Romanides and Metr John Zizioulas: 19 December (Handout)
15. Lay theologians: I. Philip Sherrard: 23 January 2014 (Handout)
16. Lay theologians: II. Christos Yannaras, Stelios Ramfos: 20 February
17. Lay theologians: III. Olivier Clément, Elisabeth Behr-Sigel: 27 March
18. Spiritual Elders: I. Mother Thekla (Sharf) and the English acculturation of Orthodoxy: 25 April
19. Spiritual Elders: II. St Silouan & Fr Sophrony, seeing God as He is: 15 May
20. Metr Kallistos Ware and the theological vision of the Philokalia: 19 June
21. Fr Alexander Men: 6 November 2014
22. The rediscovery of the icon: 19 February 2015 (weblecture)